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Koozies: Useful, Visable Advertising

Inst-I-Glass-KoosiesTrition-KoosiesKoozies, which are foam covers that wrap around glasses or bottles, are a great marketing freebie for any company. Some benefits of handing out koozies with your logo and contact information include:

  • People will actually use koozies to keep their beverage cold,
  • Koozies are a relatively inexpensive marketing item, given their usefulness,
  • Koozies are used most often in a social environments like tail-gating or a cook-out, which means your brand will be seen by multiple people, and
  • People are likely to share koozies with others, passing your name on to a secondary audience.

Our line of koozie promotional items allows you to choose custom color combinations in order to best display your brand or logo. We also offer:

  • Excellent delivery times, so you can start generating buzz with promotional items right away,
  • Accurate order and fulfillment processes to ensure that your logo and information is printed correctly,
  • High-quality graphic printing for a professional look on all promotional items, and
  • Timely, customer-friendly responses to all queries, ensuring that your needs are met and any questions are answered.

Promotional items can be a great way to get your name visible in the community or make an impact at a trade show. Koozies offer a unique item that is still relevant and useful to everyday life.

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